Frequent Questions



– What are the official channels to buy tickets?

– What sort of entrances are there?

There will only be one type of access available to everyone.

– Can I change my ticket?


– Can I buy my ticket on the same day of the festival?




– What is the minimum age required to attend the festival?

+18 years old.

– Can I use my professional camera?

No. Only smartphones and GoPro type cameras are allowed.

– Are there any disabled entrances?

Yes. There will be a disabled entrance next to the main gate.

– Can I enter and exit the grounds whenever I want?



At the festival

– Dress code:

Casual and comfortable clothing (sneakers are ideal!). Please come with hats/caps, apply sun screening cream as and when required. Please keep yourselves well hydrated, it is a long day with plenty of fun and we want you to enjoy it fully!

– Will there be cloakroom facilities?


– Can I buy food or drink inside?

Yes , you will find several bars in multiple designated areas where you can purchase water, beer, cocktails… Also, you can find dedicated resting areas both where you can eat & drink (paninis, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs…)

Please remember food or drinks acquired outside the grounds will not be allowed.

– Will there be toilet facilities inside?

There are plenty of mobile toulet units strategically located throughout the grounds.

– Will there be emergency services inside?

There will be a temporary hospital tent for approximately 30 people and five ambulances available for any emergency.



Other questions

– Apart from Arona Summer Festival, what else can I do in Tenerife?

– Where can I purchase official ASF merchandising such as t-shirts, caps or any other ASF official merchandising material?

An official merchandising store can be found inside the festival grounds.

– If I want to work for the festival, how do I apply?

Please send your CV to

– Cannot find an answer to your question?

Please use our contact form:

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